Hello, My name is Anete. I''m 21 years old girl from small country called Latvia.Welcome to my blog!

I was born in city called Jekabpils. It's special because in the cities middle flow river Daugava and it seperates our city into 2 parts- Krustpils and Jekabpils. So I lived in Krustpils.
Currently I'm living with my boyfriend and cat Mella in the most beautiful city in Latvia- Cesis.

I'm a graphic designer. If you need any graphic design services, please, email me I can help you. 

So what can I tell about myself...

I love pop art, also memphis style is close to my heart.

I think the best interiour in the world is Scandinavian. I really like minimalism in all things. Simplicity is the key.

I am realistic dreamer.

I would love that my natural hair color is light pink.

I like to paint with oil colors and water colors. Also I really enjoy drawing on my Ipad Pro.

I can't imagine my life without a cup of coffee and white chocolate.

I really enjoy running, swimming.

I enjoy beeing with myself, I like to shop, take a walk, run by myself. I'm not shy but I like to be alone a lot.

My life motto is- "Better regret what you did,not what you didn't" I think in both ways we are winners. We learn from our mistakes.

I can't imagine to spend all my day sleeping in my bed. I'm a girl in move, I like to do a lot of things.
In High school I sang in 2 choirs, danced folk dances, did athletic , I participated in teenagers organisation, wrote articles to my local newspaper. I like to discover new things!

I believe in positive thinking and I'm only 21 years old, I just learn how to live my life. :)

I speak in Latvian, Russian, English, also I understand German but I can't speak in this language.

My photos mostly take  sister ( Nikon D3200 18-55mm) or my boyfriend ( Canon 450D/ Sigma 28-79mm).

Feel free to comment my posts and give me advices. I really love to read your comments.
Blogging is my passion, It is my hobby. 

-Bird wants to be a cloud, cloud wants to be a bird-

Lots of love,


  1. Lovely picture! X

  2. Nice post dear! I think bein positive is one of the most important things in life :)

  3. It's always great to know a bit more about and personal about bloggers :)

    xoxo Ra

  4. I like that motto too! Loved reading your review. Anyway, thanks for your visit. Sure we can follow each other. I followed you on GFC awhile ago and just followed via bloglovin. Hope you follow me back soon :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  5. Beautie! ♥

  6. Such a wonderful description. Thank you for sharing it. You sound very wise and very busy :) xoxo

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  8. Girl, please contact some English speaking person who would proof-read your blog posts and correct them.
    xoxo, the Bitch


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