Hello, blog peoples.
Yes, I know, in this week I'm bad blogger. Sometimes I feel that 24h per day is not enough for me.
 I was so busy these few days. A lot of school works, meetings and another activities. Christmas is coming so I practise with my choirs and dance collective  every other day.
 A lot of peoples asks me- How I  do all activities? Hah, answer is-  The more you do, the  more you can do. ( I think I didn't wrote it correctly but I hope you understand what I meant) :D

So I wore this outfit when in my town weren't snow. Simple and comfy look. :)


  1. It definitely sounds like you have been busy! I am impressed that you handle it all.

  2. love your bag! XO

  3. You look great. So nice pics and style. Have a nice day.

  4. Hellooo!

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    If you do then feel free to check out the following link :)

    Have a lovely day!


  5. Superīga soma! Un veiksmi tev apvienot visas aktivitātes! ;)


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