Lazy Morning

by - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hello blog!

Kaut gan ir tikai nedēļas vidus ir patīkami pasapņot par brīvdienu rītiem,kad pamosties kad vēlies nevis no kaitinoša modinātāja zvana. Lēnām piecelies, izstaipies un nesteidzīgi vērojot notiekošo pa logu malko iemīļoto rīta kafiju. Šie brīži ir tik svētīgi,jo tu mazliet apstājies no skriešanas ikdienas gaitās un izbaudi sabiedrību ar sevi. Šādi nelielie atelpas brīži palīdz ģenerēt idejas,sakārtot domas un uzkrāt spēkus dienai.

It's only Wednesday but it's always relaxing to think about lazy weekends mornings when you wake up naturally without annoying alarm. Slowly get up and drink your morning coffee while enjoying the view out of the window. These little life moments are very blessed because you stop for a moment from your daily rush and enjoy being with yourself. These relaxing moments helps to generate new ideas, organize your thoughts and gain energy for the day.

( Wrap robe- ZAFUL)

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  1. This is so beautiful!

  2. Love my mornings so relaxing and quiet, but with my son, it is impossible. Lol!! Loving your lovely robe. Good morning! :)


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