I always feel special when I wear Latvian traditional folk costume. I think it's so beautiful and I'm so happy that I had a lot of chances to wear it. 
For a while I wanted to take a pictures wearing this costume and than I thought that Midsummer would be perfect reason to wear it.  I wanted to take a photos in beautiful location. I think with my sister we found gorgeous meadow near to the river Daugava.

I love the result and I wanted to post these pictures before the actual Midsummer's day which in Latvia is on 23. June. In our country Midsummer is almost more popular than Christmas. Latvians celebrate this pagan-like holiday very traditional. 
I wanted to introduce you with some of traditions ,so I will write them under the photos.

I hope you will enjoy this post! :)

We believe that the shortest night of the year must be spent by staying awake all night by the glow of the bonfire. The time is spent singing songs and enjoying traditional Līgo foods 

Traditional Līgo foods are cheese with caraway seeds and beer.

Latvians love to sing Līgo songs

People sing by the Jāņi bonfire (Jāņi bonfires can be found across Latvia on this night and on almost

every hilltop and in every yard) or they go from house to house, where the hosts greet them with 

cheese and other foods

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When I finally had a chance to upload as ussual on my blog,my computer died. That means I can't edit and upload my photos or do anything, it's so annoying. I just wanted to say that I will try to post something to keep my blog updated. 



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  2. Very nice! follow me on gfc and i follow you back! kiss ☺

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  4. It's a dreamy look dear!!

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  7. Sorry to read your pc died. Bummer! Terrific look and stunning pics.

  8. wooow you look so adorable !! i love the costume and the view . your blog so great

  9. It's a dreamy look dear!! wooow you look so adorable !!

  10. Beautiful skirt
    You look amazing

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