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Hi, folks!

I wanted to announce you something- I got my driver's licence. Omg, I still can't believe that I did it, I was so worried. Sometimes I thought that I would never pass driving exam. So as you may notice it was very stressful for me. I'm so,so happy, that it is finally over :D
I was busy these days, because my final exams are coming,also my Last bell and Graduation is right above the corner. I still don't know what I will wear. So I need to do a lot of things. That's why I blog less.
But today I wanted to show you outfit which I wore at school few weeks ago. My lovely classmate Zane took these photos in our school's garden. I'm in love with this snake print blouse, the material is amazing!
What do you think about this look?


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  1. lovely outfit :)

  2. such a perfect look! LOVE IT

    x Maria
    Have a look at my newest outfitpost
    featuring the perfect high waist shorts and let me know what you think about it :)

  3. Love your blouse :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    Apart from that do you wanna follow each other on Instagram?
    Just let me know if you do on my blog and I will follow back right away

  4. Congrats!!!
    You look so cute and lovely for spring.

    xoxo Ra

  5. Lovely outfit. Yout top is amazing.

    xx Lori

  6. so pretty, your pictures are amzing.

    I love the background and the top you have on <3

  7. you look great ! X


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