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Čau, šodien skolā man bija sporta diena. Mums vajadzēja veikt dažāda veida uzdevumus (voolejbols, kross utt.). Es noskrēju 1,5km trešā. Esmu tiešām gandarīta,jo nedēļu pirms krosa biju slima. Tā kā necerēju uz šādu rezultātu :)))

Man patīk šī apģērba kombinācija. Ļoti patīk kā svārki saskan kopā ar topu.

 Hello, today I had sport day at school. Basically, we needed to do different kind of exercises (volejball,running etc.) So I run 1,5km 3rd. I'm really happy, because week before this day I was ill. So I didn't expected 3rd place :)))

I really, like this look. I love how lemon printed top suits with leather skirts. 


  1. Lovely top - love the lemon print! Also, congrats getting third place! You're so fast! :]

  2. lovely blouse ;)

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  3. beautiful girl *.*
    Nice blouse ;3

  4. You're pretty girl !:):)
    Nice outfit ;*
    I follow you:)

  5. You're so cute! :) Nice blog, thanks for comment on my blog. I follow ^^

  6. Masz śliczne buty i włosy :3\I miejsce zdjęć jest fajne xd

  7. Amazing outfit! Yellow does suit you perfectly :) x

  8. Amazing hair i love it! And outfit is nice, simple and comfy! Outfit is pretty, simple and comfy but not boring at all because of the lovely tunic!!
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  9. You are so pretty & I love your hair :) xx

  10. I like!!

    x Sophia

  11. aaw this top is the cuuutest! Love how you styled it with all the cool black pieces! Pretty hair, pretty look, pretty girl! :)


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