by - Friday, April 12, 2013

Tiku pie sava otrā Converse kedu pāra. Šoreiz tās man izmaksāja 1,50Ls, jo nopirku bez šņorēm.
Lūk pierādās,ka domām ir spēks, jo kādu laiciņu atpakaļ domāju iegādāties baltas Converse kedas un tā nu ieraudzīju tās 2nd hand veikalā. :)

I got my 2nd pair of Converse. So at this time they cost me about 2 Euros because I bought them without laces.
I believe power of thoughts because a while ago I thought to bought white Converse and now I find them in my local 2nd hand shop. :)

 Bruno Banani džinsa žakete un citrona dzeltens tops ( vēlējos ienest savā garderobē mazliet krāsas)
Bruno Banani jeans jacket and lemon yellow top ( I wanted smth bright for my wardrobe)

 Mežģīnu svārki. Interesanti ir tas,ka aizmugurē tiem odere ir garāka un izskatās vnk izlīdusi, bet nekas traks :D
Lace skirt. Interesting is that at the back lining is longer and looks like it is just creep ed out but that's not smth to worried about :D

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  1. Love the fabric of that gorgeous skirt,and love the converse,so classic and cool,been wanting to get myself a pair,a while now too.
    Have a fab weekend x


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